Raising a family, working a ranch, living life…it sounds more simple than it often turns out to be.  We understand what it takes, and how sometimes all you need is an understanding listener, or someone with real-life experience to guide you along the way.  Jesus said that He came so that we would enjoy an abundant life (John 10:10).  Let us help you live that life!


Most kids love dot-to-dot drawings.  There’s a sense of anticipation as they discover the picture that emerges as more dots come together.

That’s kind of like our church family, the more that we come together, the more that we link-up, the more the anticipation builds to see what the picture of our church family looks like.

The more you come, the more we join together, the better and clearer, our picture becomes!


#LetsConnect                                        #ConnectTheDots


When we offer to pray for you, it’s not just an off-hand comment made because we don’t know what else to say or how else to help.

James 5:13-18 strongly confirms the power of prayer this way:-

Are any of you suffering hardships? Are any of you sick? Let us call the elders to pray over you in the Name of the Lord.  Prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make you well.


We gladly offer prayer - heartfelt, compassionate, non-judging, full of love prayer.  We are happy to meet with you over the phone or in person, at our place or yours.

Let us pray with you and together we will see God’s great power producing wonderful results in your life!


#LetsPray                                                        #PrayerBringsResults


At Calvary Stanford, we offer more than just a Sunday morning handshake.  Sure, we’ll shake your hand, but we will also take time to sit down, to sip a coffee, to listen, and to get to know you.

Community here means that you will find real people, who share a like-minded approach to life.  You’ll find people you can relate to, who quickly become genuine friends.

At Calvary Stanford, when the church service ends, our service of love and friendship just begins.


#StanfordCommunity   #MoreThanAHandshake